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Pet Battle Royale: Feast Fight - Who won?

December 05, 2016
Though the leftovers have all been eaten, this grudge match is far from over.

Check out the video below to witness the latest Pet Battle Royale winner as determined by you, the WarcraftPets community.

And the winner is...
This food fight was a runaway victory for everyone's favorite potbelly stove from the start. I guess people aren't a fan of raw turnips or salmonella-laced turkey, so the little guy behind the scenes, Pierre, finally gets a chance to shine. It's a good thing, too. After all those leftovers, I'm ready for a big ol stack of pancakes!

In the world of pet battling, there's always a next match. You never know who might show up in the ring in the next Pet Battle Royale! Check back soon for another chance to vote for the next champion.
Posted by Liopleurodon
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Latest Wall Posts

800 pets :D


Mischief joined the family :)


RwL IV: (15/16) Missing 1 from Icecrown, also got the Snobold Runt that doesn't count.

Have got a couple of doubles, sent them to my BF ^_^


Broken Isles Safari done, finally found a Vicious Broodling and a Fledgling Kingfeather


Doing a Master run in Tanaan almost every night for the 1 pet (Nightmare Bell) that hasn't dropped yet.


Family Familiar: It will take a long time to finnish this. Going a little faster now when one of my alts got to lvl 110.

New Mounts: Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher

Leveling to 25: The ones that i need for FF

Ranks: Blade'sEdge-EU: #6/#4 (Current/Best)

Today at 4:17am | Blade's Edge-EU | Pets: 800 Compare collections | Score: 4374

Finally earned my Leyline Broodling tonight!  Working my way through the scenario these past couple weeks has been mildly frustrating but still fun.  Tonight there were some close scr apes but I got it doneI liked the surprise spider gauntlet at the end.

Today at 1:21am | Cenarius-US | Pets: 858 Compare collections | Score: 5132

Unique Pet: 809 at Max Level: 575

Realm Rank Runetotem-EU  #- Pets wanted: 56 of 860

My new pet:

N° 808 Mischief

N° 809 Mist Fox Kit


Latest captured Rare version:

Mist Fox Kit 





Corgnelius - Order Hall Mission: It's so FLUFFY!

Wonderous Wisdomball - Quest: Enemies Everywhere 



- Broken Isles Safari

- Family Familiar: Mechanical, Human, Magic, Water.


Pet Goals:

- Capture all wild pets ONLY rare quality in Legion

- Graves

- Upgrade all pets to Rare

- Level all pets to 25

- Obtain all pets in my list


Yesterday at 6:40pm | Runetotem-EU | Pets: 809 Compare collections | Score: 4735

I'm just a guy that likes Pokemon, so when I saw pet battles, I was happy.

I'm not a big pet battler, but nonetheless I like them alot.



P.S: Lil' Ragnaros is the best pet.

Yesterday at 11:38am | Greymane-US | Pets: 449 Compare collections | Score: 2244

Just registered and thinking to begin collecting

Yesterday at 7:33am | Outland-EU | Pets: 119 Compare collections | Score: 535
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